Year of Africa

Paving the way for the next generation of champions

AIBA launches the 2017 AIBA Year of Africa on 16 March in South Africa, a continent-wide programme with a direct reach of more than 750,000 people across 12 regional Hubs through initiatives including the HeadsUp Truck, AIBA’s new GlovesUp gateway into boxing and 4,835 certified course places, set to initiate a 250% increase in the number of certified Coaches, R&Js and technical staff and herald in a new era in which African boxing can thrive

AIBA Year of Africa is a landmark initiative within AIBA’s Development Programme and a flagship Legacy Project for the organisation, providing an all-in-one solution on a continental scale that aims to promote boxing at all levels. Through the organisation of 12 regional hubs of activities ranging from workshops to certified courses and hands-on boxing experience and the development of new partnerships between AIBA, AFBC and the 54 National Federations, we will leave the continent’s boxing with a tangible legacy for its administration and preparation and, by engaging a new audience in the sport, its future results in major competitions.

  • Education

As well as exposing more people of all ages to boxing for the first time, education is central to the Year of Africa, to ensure that the NFs, the coaches and the boxers are aware of, and use to their fullest, the opportunities open to them, while explaining boxing’s positive values and encouraging more young people to embrace the sport. The GlovesUp programme will provide a new entry-point to AIBA as an organisation, what it represents and the certification courses on offer, with an emphasis on the AIBA code and the expectations placed on those taking part.

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Year of Africa Educational Courses

  • Empowerment

The Year of Africa has been designed to empower our Member National Federations, giving them the tools and guidance to take full ownership of future initiatives on the continent. AIBA will expect its NFs to effectively organise and coordinate activities and engage fully with the nearest hub, promoting the courses and communicating effectively to the widest possible audience.

  • Legacy

Year of Africa relies on the collective spirit of the 54 National Federations involved in order to produce a cumulative impact on the future of African boxing. The presentation of the mobile gym and donation of equipment has a short-term impact, the GlovesUp course intrinsically demands a greater investment of individuals’ time, and the legacy is created when those who benefit from these elements are then trained by the new coaches and guided by the newly organised NFs and brought in to AIBA competition.

Hub and Beyond

AIBA is establishing an e-learning platform to ensure that the individuals engaged through both HeadsUp and GlovesUp can have access to a more advanced and thorough knowledge-base wherever their location.

AIBA and AFBC will establish a framework for monitoring and governing boxing’s development in Africa. AFBC will be in charge of following up with each National Federation the progress of HeadsUp and GlovesUp, and those making the greatest progress will be highlighted and best-practice can be shared.

AIBA HeadsUp Truck

The HeadsUp Truck is the vehicle through which the Year of Africa will share AIBA’s values, knowledge and equipment to as wide an audience as

possible. The truck will be emblematic of the project as a whole, an iconic visualisation of what AIBA will achieve with the Year of Africa that also
houses the practical infrastructure to bring interactive exposure for the excitement and sensation of practicing boxing.

Beginning in the west of the continent, the truck will visit five hubs before being shipped to Hamburg for the AIBA 2017 World Championships: Togo, Congo, South Africa and Zambia. Each visit will last five days, with the truck setting up in strategic locations in the capital cities and giving local school children the opportunity to experience first-hand the thrill of boxing in the Taishan foldable ring. The truck will be the setting for PR activity at each location and HeadsUp equipment donations for local gyms, and it is crucial that it is used at every such opportunity to reinforce its use as a promotional tool and the Year of Africa message as one.

The truck will be stationed in Brazzaville, Congo, for the duration of the AFBC Confederation Championships (continental qualifier) where it can also be used for press conferences and to give the crowds a closer and more interactive look at the sport.

AIBA HeadsUp Truck dates
Hub Togo: 17-21 May
Hub Congo: 27 May-4 June
Hub South Africa: 5-9 July
Hub Zambia: 20-24 July

Initiation Courses for School Kids

The purpose of the initiation programme is to introduce boxing to beginners, by establishing a positive impression of the sport, emphasizing health, sustainability, sport and education aspect of boxing. The course will last 50 minutes, consists of 20-minute oral instruction of boxing fundamentals, including self-discipline, self-protection, respect of the opponents, boxing movement, 20-minute shadow boxing practice, 10-minute fundamental parring session with the instructors.

HeadsUp Donations

The AIBA HeadsUp Programme will work closely with pre-identified local boxing gyms or schools to promote the core values of the initiative: sport, education, health and sustainability. The donation of boxing equipment is a mean of leaving a local legacy, a direct positive impact across the entire continent.