Women’s Commission

The role of the Women’s Commission is to advise the Executive Committees and the President on the development and implementation of the AIBA Gender Equality policy and strategy and to promote equal opportunities for girls and women to participate in, and benefit from the sport of boxing.

The responsibilities of the Women’s Commission are to advise on:

  • The development and implementation of AIBA Gender Equality strategy and the monitoring and regularly reporting on the progress of in the AIBA Family in meeting gender equality objectives
  • The development and promotion of women in boxing, including but not limited to boxers, coaches, R&Js, ITOs and officials.
  • Advocacy for increased participation of women athletes in the Olympic program and in leadership positions in the AIBA Family, promoting the rights and well-being of women and girls in and through boxing and greater access to boxing for girls and women;
  • Recognition of achievements of individuals and organizations promoting women in and through boxing;
  • Raising the awareness of harassment and abuse in boxing;
  • Supporting the development of women’s skills in coaching, management and leadership within the AIBA Family, including through training, seminars, workshops and mentoring;

The Commission members are not necessarily women yet shall have a record of being active or influential in the field of gender equality advocacy. Presence, knowledge and experience in boxing a huge asset.