Prohibited list (ENG // FRA // GER // RUS // ESP)

Athletes must avoid taking a medication with a prohibited substance without a valid TUE!

Any athlete who takes a prohibited substance without a valid TUE runs the risk of being sanctioned for an anti-doping rule violation. For this reason, athletes must consult the Prohibited List with their doctors when prescribed a medication and ensure that no prohibited substance is contained in the medication needed.


The following online country-specific drug reference databases are also available for checking the status of a medication bought in that country.

  • GlobalDro (for Canada, the UK and USA) –
  • Links to other countries’ online databases (such as Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Flanders (Belgium), France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands):

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (ENG // FRA // ESP)

An International-Level Athlete whose illness or condition requires treatment with a prohibited substance or method must follow the AIBA TUE process and submit a TUE application to AIBA by applying through ADAMS.

If the TUE is granted, the athlete will be permitted to use the medication during the period of validity of the TUE without committing an anti-doping rule violation.




TUE Quick References (ENG // FR)

If you are a International level boxer and you need to use a substance that is prohibited by the AIBA and WADA, you need to obtain the approval of the AIBA Therapeutic Use Exemption Panel before the use of the substance.

Any TUE request to AIBA has to be submitted through the ADAMS system only.

If you do not already have an ADAMS account, the first step to make is to request one here:

ADAMS Account Request

Nutritional Supplements

Extreme caution is recommended regarding supplement use. A significant number of positive tests have been attributed to the misuse of supplements and poor labeling of dietary supplements.

For more information on nutritional supplements, please consult the Q&A on WADA’s website.


(*) AIBA only accepts  only TUE applications via ADAMS from international level athletes. National level athletes must apply with their respective National Antidoping Agencies.