Ringside Doctors

Ringside Doctor Certification Courses

The main objective is to certify Doctors to work in AOB and WSB competitions.

Certification courses clearly define the Ringside Doctors main duties throughout a competition, as well as important AIBA rules related to medical procedures.


Organizing a course

If your National Federation is interested in organizing a course, please contact us with details of the course you would like to organize.


Registering for a course

If you would like to participate in an AIBA Ringside Doctor Certification Course, you must first be a member of an AIBA recognized National Federation.  Individuals are eligible to become Ringside Doctors if they are:

AIBA/Confederation Medical Commission Members

Doctors recommended by NOCs and/or National Federations

If you meet the following criteria, your National Federation may register you to a course.


Calendar 2018 / 2019

Course LanguageCourse DatesRegistrationStatus
Information to be provided

*In Progress* means that AIBA fully intends to organise this course and is waiting for the final details.