Registered Testing Pool (RTP) selection criteria

  • The boxer must be qualified for Rio
  • Top 3 boxers ranked in APB per weight category
  • Top 3 boxers ranked in WSB per weight category (Season 6)
  • Top 2 boxers ranked in AOB per weight category
  • Top 4 women boxers ranked from the WWC in Astana in the Olympic categories
  • If there are doubles because a boxer is raked in both APB and AOB or WSB and AOB, the next boxer in the ranking must be selected
  • Boxers on which there is intelligence pointing to possible doping cases
  • Boxers from geographical areas with scarce presence or action by NADO/RADO
  • Boxers who committed an ADRV and are serving a suspension or under Results Management (to be tested post-Rio)
  • Boxers who are in a NADO RTP but are not tested OOC, may be included in the AIBA RTP based on risk assessment
  • Boxers ranked below #20 in any of the rankings should not be included in the RTP
  • Boxers who in 2016 received at least 1 OOC test by his/her NADO (including ESA and GHRF) shall not be included in the AIBA RTP