Refereeing & Judging Commission

The Refereeing & Judging commission deals with everything related to Referees & Judges and is responsible for the development and implementation of the AIBA R&J Management System that caters for the development, education, certification and maintenance of the System.

The duties of the commission include:

  • To review AIBA Referee and Judge Manual and Guidelines
  • To establish the standards to evaluate and certify the referees and judges
  • To create, review and approve the course content for referee and judge, and the instructors.
  • To appoint instructors for referee and judge courses
  • To appoint Referees and Judges for AIBA Competitions
  • To participate in the nomination of the candidates for the AIBA Annual Award
  • To introduce technology or initiatives to improve the refereeing and judging in AIBA Competitions.
  • To advise on the investigation of R&J issues, such as eligibility criteria, R&J decisions or any complaints submitted.

The Commission members shall have extensive experience and a proven track record of outstanding performance in refereeing and judging, and fundamental knowledge for the development and education of boxing referees and judges.

FunctionLast NameFirst NameCountryMandate
ChairmanBisbalOsvaldo RafaelArgentina9 Feb 2019 until next AIBA Congress with Elections scheduled in 2022