Referee and Judges

AIBA R&J Certification Courses
Referees and Judges are a vital part of AIBA’s organization to help create a fair and safe atmosphere during competition. The aim of AIBA is to always maintain a high standard of officiating, offer the best possible education, and to create a pathway to develop officials at a global standard. AIBA currently has R&J Instructors, with plans to increase this number in order to maintain and create the best officials at all levels worldwide.

Registering for a course
(For Referees and Judges)
If you are a Referee or Judge and would like to participate in an AIBA R&J Certification Course, please first review the appropriate course guidelines to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. If you meet all the requirements, please contact your National Federation to register you to an upcoming AIBA R&J Certification Course.


Calendar 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021 

ASBC, Saudi Arabia1ENG/ARAApril 12-18, 2020OpenedConfirmed

*In Progress* means that AIBA fully intends to organise this course and is waiting for the final details.

Organizing a course
(For National Federations)
National Federations interested in hosting a 1-Star AIBA R&J Certification Course, please download the guidelines and manuals provided below. Please fill in the Host Application Form online. We request you to fill details of all the pages of the form.

For all other R&J courses, 2-Star and above, AIBA will plan these courses. This information will be communicated to all National Federations once locations and dates are finalized. The course calendar will also show the confirmed and tentative locations and dates listed.

AIBA 1 Star R&J Application package (For National Federations):

  • R&J Examination Guidelines
    Please make sure to read these guidelines carefully, to understand the process before moving forward to the next steps.
  • Host application form –
    This form needs to be completed and submitted as soon as possible. On completion of form a successful submission message will be displayed to the national federation and a copy of the form details will be sent via email to the national federation (email address mentioned in the form field ‘main contact email’) and to AIBA..
  • R&J Applicants
    Fill in the List of Applicants form (this would be sent by us upon your course request). We would evaluate the course details submitted by your federation and provide necessary feedback of approval or denial to host the course. If approved, we would create a new course in our AIBA database for registration of R&Js to the course. The registration to the course would be accessible in the database via your database login. Please register the R&Js approved by us in the database during the registration period. We will not accept registration sent by email. Kindly follow the steps specified in below manuals for registration process.
  • AIBA Database Manual
    Please use this manual to give you direction on how to add each participant into AIBA’s database.
  • R&J Course Registration Module
    Please use this module to register the applicants once approved by AIBA.


Please send your questions and requests regarding AIBA Referee and Judges to