AIBA Officials

  • Supervisors/ITOs
    All officials working within the Field of Play (FOP) excluding the Supervisor, the Referees & Judges, the Organizing Committee and the AIBA Headquarters Staff are called ITOs. ITOs consist of the following persons:

    • Deputy Supervisor
    • Referee Controller
    • Draw Commission
    • R&J Coordinator
    • Equipment Manager
    • Medical Jury Members / Ringside Doctors
    • Cutman
    • Other assigned positions by the Supervisor to work within the FOP


  • Referee and Judges
    The AIBA R&J certification is valid for a period of four (4) years from its commencement and after that period, the Official or respective National Federation must arrange for a control test. Certified R&Js are allowed to officiate as follow:

    • 1-Star R&Js: AOB National Competitions (Dual competitions and Confederation tournaments).
    • 2-Star R&Js: AOB National Competitions, AOB Continental Competitions except Men’s Elite Continental Championships.
    • 3-Star R&Js: All AIBA AOB Competitions.
    • Additional Certification is required to officiate in APB & WSB Competitions.


  • Coaches
    The new AIBA Coaches’ Management System is comprehensive, controlled and centralized; therefore, the quality and performances of Coaches at all levels is constantly improving. The new AIBA Coaches’ Management System is also to prevent any unqualified Coach to have an influence on the image and quality of the sport of boxing


  • Ringside Doctors
    Individuals are eligible to become Ringside Doctors if they are:

    • AIBA/Confederation Medical Commission Members
    • Current Medical Jury Members
    • Doctors recommended by NOCs and/or National Federations

    The AIBA Medical Commission will screen the candidates’ profiles and check if they have enough experience. If accepted, through the examination in the AIBA Ringside Doctors’ Workshop, they will be certified to be assigned to all AIBA Competitions.