Medical Commission

The Medical commission provides expertise and knowledge to ensure the rules and the medical practices in AIBA competitions can safeguard the health and safety of the boxers, including prior-bout fitness checks, in-bout cuts treatment, ringside treatment, after-bout tracking of boxer’s health parameters. The commission shall provide consultation to assess the impact of specific rules or rule changes within the scope of responsibility.

The duties of the commission include:

  • To take part in all AIBA projects that require medical/health consultation.
  • To review AIBA Medical Handbook
  • To review AIBA Anti-Doping Rules
  • To establish the standards to evaluate and certify AIBA Ringside Doctors
  • To create, review and approve the course content for Ringside Doctors course
  • To appoint Ringside Doctors for AIBA Competitions
  • To introduce necessary medical devises or technology to accommodate the needs of AIBA competitions
  • To produce reports on concussions and cuts, or other health and safety indicators for AIBA competitions

The Commission members shall be a doctor or individuals with sufficient medical training and up-to-date knowledge of sport medicine, and experience in sports, competitions and boxing.





  • 2018 – Medical Commission Meeting Sofia, Bulgaria, September 16, 2018 – Minutes