Boxing Marketing Arm SA (BMA) is the exclusive marketing agency that promotes and sells rights for all AIBA products.

The goal of BMA is to enhance the commercial values, to exploit the commercial, marketing or corporate potential and to leverage and activate sponsorship for the following three AIBA competition programs:

In the quest to bring boxing into a new era, AIBA is looking for partners willing to support these projects. We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games.

AIBA’s strategy is aimed at positioning itself as the sport’s true leader, looking after athletes from grassroots level all the way to the professional ranks. Clear and transparent, boxers will know well in advance how their careers will fold out with a structured organisation that aims to reinstate the sport to its rightful place.

The mission of Boxing Marketing Arm (BMA) is to create sustained success through a carefully designed marketing program that will generate further growth and broader appeal for the sport of boxing. The noble art has lost its way in the current multi-layered and complex promoter-driven landscape. AIBA aims to look after the boxers’ long-term prospects. A highly selective and targeted approach to Professional Boxing is implemented that upholds these key attributes:

BMA has adopted a “high end, high road” position for AIBA, as it is governing the future health and prosperity of the Sport. We manage a portfolio of propositions to cater to a variety of audiences and stakeholders, providing them with capability to position suitable properties. Our AIBA Olympic Boxing program as well as the Road to Dream camp are a must to leverage Cause related Sponsorships. The World Series of Boxing let’s make cross promotions, there is live pre & after shows to create buzz and more opportunities. The AIBA Pro Boxing will be launched in late 2013 and will give boxing a new and improved status in the Sports Industry.

In looking to create greater public and grassroots participation in all Boxing competitions and to develop massive bases for our sport, BMA leverages four pillars to deliver on its goals and objectives:

Deliver high quality, authentic boxing events, BMA event concept is designed to change perception of boxing.
Secure key partnerships for core services such as media and sponsorship rights sales.
Create differentiation through consistency and transparency by launching a set calendar which lets the best fight against the best.
A powerful business model leveraging AIBA and National Federation strengths, allows the promotion the sport at all levels from grassroots to professionals.
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