#HeadsUp! is a global program developed by AIBA to promote the values of boxing and the global AIBA family. The objective is to foster AIBA initiatives to promote the development and growth of boxing at a national and international level. Its aim is to change the perception of boxing to ensure that the positive aspects of the sport including the discipline, training and sense of self that it imbues in all participants.

#Headsup! is based on four core pillars:

  • Health
    The health and safety of all participant in boxing is of paramount importance. This involves the improvement of coaching, continual assessment and development of officials and the development of technique. In addition boxers must be advised on nutrition, training and the mental aspects of the sport to ensure that they are fully rounded.
  • Education
    Boxing as a sport promotes a level of discipline in the athlete and other participants. This discipline must be extended outside of the ring and into other areas of the sport. Education shall be provided to boxers on anti-doping, technical aspects of the sport and nutrition.

  • Sports
    The importance of boxing and its training methods go way beyond the sport itself. It is included in daily life in all shapes and form. The promotion of the art of boxing for all and the defense of gender equality will be at the heart of the program to ensure continuous prosperous awareness around the sport.

  • Sustainability
    The sustainability of a boxer’s career is of primordial importance by investing in people for the long term, creating bridges for post career paths into other areas of the sport like referees, judging, officials and federation level, #HeadsUp! will be contributing socially.

“It is essential that AIBA fulfils its duty to provide a strong, secure framework within which boxers can develop and excel from grassroots to pro competition,” said AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu. “HeadsUp! will now be adopted by the world’s boxing federations to help all of our athletes enjoy stable futures in their sport.”


#Headsup! Charter

#Headsup! Family

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