Members of the AIBA Executive Committee

AIBA Interim President

AIBA Interim President  
AIBA Interim President

Mr Gafur Rahimov

AIBA Interim President Gafur Rahimov, a former boxer and coach, has been involved in AIBA since 1995, when he became chairman of the AIBA Business Commission. Since then, he has served the AIBA Family in different executive roles within the International Boxing Federation, from President of the Asian Boxing Confederation to AIBA Vice President. In January 2018, he became AIBA Interim President at the Extraordinary Congress held in Dubai.

Mr. Rahimov was awarded with the Honorary Order of the Olympic Council of Asia in 2003, after being a member of its Council since 1999. In 2008, he also had the honor of receiving an ANOC Merit Award, which recognized his involvement in the Olympic Family.


Executive Committee – Elected

AmBCVice President and AMBC President

Mr Osvaldo Bisbal


Mr. Bisbal has been part of the AIBA family since 1979. First as an R&J when he took part in the Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, as well as every World Championships between 1991-1997.
Mr. Bisbal has also served as President of the Argentinian National Federation from 1991 until 2014, when he was elected AIBA Vice-President. Member of the AIBA Executive Committee since 1998, Mr Bisbal was an Olympic International Technical Official in Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012 & Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
EUBCExecutive Vice President and EUBC President

Mr Franco Falcinelli


Mr. Falcinelli started his relation with the noble art as a boxer in 1962 as part of the Italian National Team competing in 61 bouts and winning the Military National Championship in 1967. After retiring, Mr. Falcinelli started a successful career as a coach from 1973 to 1999, being Head Coach of Italy from 1979 to 1996 and winning 7 Olympic Medals and 3 World Championships.
Mr. Falcinelli was President of the Italian Boxing Federation from 2001 to 2016, and he has been serving as AIBA Executive Committee member since 2002. Elected President of the European Boxing Confederation and Vice-President of AIBA in 2012, Mr Falcinelli also serve as AIBA Interim President until the Extraordinary Congress held in Dubai in 2018. He was appointed Technical Delegate of the 2012 Olympic Games and Deputy Supervisor of the 2016 Olympic Games.
Mr. Falcinelli has been honored with the “Cavaliere dell’O.M.R.I” for Sport Merit, Citizen Meritorius Award of Assisi and Commander of Merit from the Italian Republic.
ASBCVice President and ASBC President

Mr Serik Konakbayev

AIBA Vice President and Asian Boxing Confederation President. AIBA Executive Committee Member since 2010 and AIBA Athletes & Youth Commission Chairman since 2014. Mr. Serik Konakbayev was founder and President of Kazakhstan Professional Boxing Federation from 1992 until 2007, as well as Vice President of Kazakhstan Boxing Federation 2007-2014.
Mr. Konakbayev is USSR Honored Master of Sports (1981), two-time Champion of Europe (1979, 1981), two-time World Cup Winner (1979, 1981). Silver medalist of XXII Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow, Silver medalist of AIBA World Boxing Championships in Munich 1982 and was elected as the best Amateur Boxer of the World in 1981.
Vice President and Interim AFBC President

Mr Mohamed Moustahsane


Mr. Sidi Mohamed Moustahsane got a PhD in medical school in Casablanca and was head of a health center before starting his experience in boxing, when he became the ringside physician for the Moroccan Federation. He then became a member of the medical commission of the Federation and specialized in sport medicine achieving his diploma in France. Since then, he occupied many position in AIBA, from ITO to Supervisor until becoming a EC Member in 2014. In 2015, he also become AFBC Vice President and two years later AIBA Vice President and AFBC Interim President. The different positions he held in the Moroccan Federation, AFBC and AIBA shows the dedication he has for the noble art since he first became part of it nearly 20 years ago.
OBCVice President and OSBC President

Mr Edgar Tanner


Ted Tanner has been involved in management boxing positions since 1987 when he was elected President of Boxing Victoria. In 2005, Mr. Tanner was elected President of Boxing Australia, a position he still holds as well as Vice President of AIBA and President of the Oceanian Boxing Confederation from 2014. Mr. Tanner has overseen the hosting of AIBA events by Boxing Australia in 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2017 and has been serving as a member of Commonwealth Games Australia Management Board since 2011. As part of his management positions out of the boxing world, Mr Tanner has served as a member of Victoria’s Parliament 1979-1996, Head Gov’t/Opposition Whip 1988-96, Masters of Business Administration (SUT), Advanced Management Program (Aust. Admin. Staff Coll., Mt. Eliza).
Executive Committee Member

Mr Terry Smith


Member of the AIBA Executive Committee since 2006. Mr. Smith has served his National Federation, Wales, as Council Member, Vice-Chairman, Chairman and President. He has also been Chairman of the AIBA R&J Commission in between 2006-2014. Mr.Smith has served as AIBA Technical Delegate during the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. As part of his commitment with the future generations of officials, Mr. Smith is an AIBA Official R&J Instructor,Examiner and Evaluator. He also represented boxing on the BOA (British Olympic Association) 2000-04. Mr. Smith has been involved in boxing at Club, National, Continental and World level for over sixty years.
Suleyman MikayilovExecutive Committee Member

Mr Suleyman Mikayilov


Mr. Suleyman Mikayilov is the governor of Garadagh region of Baku Azerbaijan since 2010. Graduated by the University and Academy of Sport of Azerbaijan, Mr. Mikayilov has been serving as vice-president of the Azerbaijan Boxing Federation since 2003. During the AIBA Congress in 2010, Mr. Mikayilov was elected to the AIBA Executive Committee and re-elected for the position in 2014. Mr. Mikayilov started his relation with the noble art as a boxer, when he was crowned champion of Azerbaijan several times.
Mapu JamiasExecutive Committee Member

Mr Mapu Jamias

American Samoa

Mr. Mapu Saei Jamias started his relation with the noble art as a young boxer in American Samoa. After getting a degree by the University of Hawaii, he joined the US Army reaching the Lieutenant Colonel grade.

Back in American Samoa in 1999, Mr Mapu Saei Jamias start serving in different management and administrative national boxing positions to then jump to the international level. Mr. Jamias has been serving as AIBA Executive Committee member since 2010, and also as member of the Athletes Youth Commission and International Technical Official (ITO).
Jungen KyasExecutive Committee Member

Mr Jürgen Kyas


Since 1984 Jürgen Kyas is acting in leading positions and functions within the sport of boxing at national and international level. Member of the AIBA Executive Committee since 2010, Jürgen Kyas is President of the German Boxing Association since 2009 and served on the European Boxing Federation as Vice President since 2015 and member of the EUBC Executive Committee since 2010. Mr Kyas has also been involved in event organisation: he was President of the Organising Committee for the 2017 AIBA World Boxing Championships in Hamburg.
Eyup GozgeçExecutive Committee Member

Mr Eyüp Gözgeç


Member of AIBA and EUBC Executive Committee since 2010. Starting from 1998 Eyüp Gözgeç has been serving in various positions like executive member, vice president for Turkish Boxing Federation Boxing and in 2010 he was elected as President of Turkish Boxing Federation. He started serving boxing internationally at EABA under the presidency of Franco Falcinelli in 2002 as a member of the Coaches Commission. Mr. Gözgeç appended the signature to a lot of projects to popularize boxing and increase the number of athletes in Turkey, also he contributed efforts for Turkey to host the high level boxing events such as Olympic Qualifications, World and European Championships. Turkey's National Olympic Committee member Mr. Gözgeç has been honored with the award “Best AIBA Sportsmanship 2013”.
Executive Committee Member

Mr Alberto Puig De La Barca

Mr. Alberto Puig de la Barca has always been part of the Cuban sport, first as teacher in the Cuban School of Physical Education until 1973, and after serving in different Cuban sport management positions between 1973 and 2010, when he was elected President of the Cuban Boxing Federation and boxing commissioner for the country.
Mr. Puig has been serving as AIBA Executive Committee member from 2013 when he was named President of the WSB team Cuba Domadores. A year later, in 2014, he started working in the WSB Commission as Vice-Chairman until 2017 when he was appointed as Chairman.
Nabil SadiExecutive Committee Member

Mr Nabil Sadi


Mr. Sadi has been part of the AIBA family since 1973 when he started a career as a boxer and then held several positions such as coach and Technical Director. He also followed a special training in sports and obtained a DEA in sport training methodology, specializing in boxing. In 2013 he became President of the Algerian Boxing Federation and Vice President of the Algerian National Olympic Committee. These different positions he has occupied in sports show his dedication to the noble art and he has been a member of the Executive Committee of AIBA and AFBC since 2014.
Ray SilvasExecutive Committee Member

Mr Ray Silvas

United States of America

Member of the AIBA Executive Committee since 2014, Ray Silvas is Vice-Chairman of the AIBA Referee & Judges Commission since 2006. Mr Silvas is also a Board of Directors member for USA Boxing. Mr. Silvas is a former boxer, and former International Referee & Judge. Mr. Silvas is an International Technical Official, Referee & Judge Instructor and Evaluator.
Fran LopezExecutive Committee Member

Mr Fran Lopez Almeida

Born in 1969, Mr Fran Lopez started his professional relation with boxing in 2006 as the Secretary General of the regional Boxing Association of Sucre. After holding different sports management positions in his home-state, Mr. Lopez was named Vice-President of the Venezuelan Boxing Federation in 2005. A year later, he was finally elected President of the Federation.
His constant contribution to the noble art granted him a position in the AMBC Executive Committee in 2010 and, four years later, he was elected to serve as AIBA Executive Committee member. Mr. Lopez is also part of the World Series of Boxing Commission.
Steve NinvalleExecutive Committee Member

Mr Steve Ninvalle

The president of the Guyana Boxing Association, Steve Ninvalle was a Member of Parliament in his native land from 2006 to 2011. He served as the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and currently holds the position of Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport. Mr. Ninvalle is a former journalist and in 2016 walked one hundred miles in two days to raise funds to send a team of boxers from Guyana to the Caribbean Development tournament. He is currently the secretary of the Guyana Sports Shooting Federation and a vice president of Guyana’s number one football club Alpha United.
Pat FiaccoExecutive Committee Member

Mr Pat Fiacco


Pat Fiacco started his boxing career in 1974 and retired from competition in 1983. He has held provincial and Canadian amateur boxing championship titles such as Canada's amateur bantamweight champion in 1980. After retiring as a competitor, he began officiating. Mr. Fiacco has officiated at several World Championships and served in the 2004 Athens Olympics as the Canadian referee and judge and at the 2012 London Olympics as the Deputy Technical Delegate. He has also served as the Head Official of Boxing Canada and currently holds the position of President of Boxing Canada since 2011. Mr Fiacco was elected to the AIBA Executive Committee in 2014 and has been a member of the AIBA Referee and Judges Commission since 2010. In November of 2017, he was appointed as Chairman of the Technical and Rules Commission.
tashmatov-sherzodExecutive Committee Member

Mr. Tashmatov Sherzod


Tashmatov Sherzod Rihsibaevich has been involved in sports since 2009 when he became chairman of the Association of Amateur and Professional Muay Thai of Uzbekistan. Since then, he had different positions in sports from Vice-President of the Asian Federation of Amateur Muay Thai to first deputy chairman of the Center of Martial Arts of Uzbekistan. It is in 2014 that he started to be involved in boxing becoming first deputy chairman of the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan. Since 2016, he took the roles of Member of the AIBA Executive Committee and Vice President of the Asian Boxing Confederation. He is currently studying at the Tashkent Institute of Physical Culture of Sports on master’s degree which highlights his investment and dedication in sports.
Executive Committee Member

Brig. Gen. Dr Joseph O. Ayeni


Nigeria’s Brig. Gen. Dr Joseph O. Ayeni has been involved in different sports in his country before becoming an Executive member of the Nigeria Amateur Boxing Association in 1990. But his love for the sport started years before when he was a boxer and since then, he has been involved in boxing in different positions becoming, amongst other things, Vice President of the Nigeria Boxing Federation in 2002. He is a certified AIBA International Technical Official and AIBA Supervisor and has officiated in many AIBA World Championships and in Olympic Games. He is also a member of the Nigeria Olympic Committee since 1992.
Executive Committee Member

Mr Anas Al Otaiba

United Arab Emirates
Mr. Al Otaiba has been involved in boxing since his election as a UAE Boxing Federation Board Member in 2012. In 2014, he has been elected as ASBC Executive Committee Member and, in 2017, he became UAE Boxing Federation President and UAE Olympics Committee Board Member. Mr. Al Otaiba has been serving the sport of boxing in his home country developing a new strategic approach towards the development of the noble art in the region and the renewal of the boxing team with the 2024 Olympic Games in the horizon.
Beside his interest in sports, Mr. Al Otaiba had a MBA on Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts, Business and International Affairs. He has held different leadership positions in his country in the Economy and Human Resources fields.


AIBA Executive Committee – Appointed

AIBA Executive Committee - Appointed  
Executive Committee Member (As Chairman of Medical Commission*)

Dr Mike Loosemore


Dr Loosemore has been involved with boxing since 1991, working as a ringside doctor. He worked with the Home Counties as medical advisor and since 1996 he has been on the Medical Committee of the Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) of England Ltd., improving medical aspects of boxing. From 2003 to 2012, Dr Loosemore represented boxing on the British Olympic Association Medical Committee.
As well as being Chief Medical Officer for major domestic national and international boxing events, Dr Loosemore has travelled with the GB Team for many international tournaments and he also worked as the neutral ringside doctor for several World Series Boxing Seasons.
Dr Loosemore is serving as NHS Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine, University College London Hospital; Lead Sports Physician (London), English Institute of Sport (EIS); British Olympic Boxing, Head of Sports Medicine and AIBA Chair of Medical Commission. Dr Loosemore has also being recognized as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his Services to Sports Medicine.
Executive Committee Member (As Chairperson of Women’s Commission*)

Mrs Emilia Grueva

Ms Emilia Grueva has been a member of the AIBA Women’s Commission since 2011 before becoming its chairperson in 2017. She is also involved in the EUBC Women’s Commissions which proves her engagement in women’s boxing. Her responsibilities to sports include being a chairperson of the Board of Directors at the National Sport Base EAD and being Vice President of the Bulgarian Boxing Federation since 2016. She has also greatly participated to event organization in the role of LOC President for many competitions since 2012 including AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships and EUBC European Women's Boxing Championships.


AIBA Executive Committee Meetings

November 2017Extraordinary Executive Commitee Meeting, Dubai

July 2017 – Executive Committee Meeting, Moscow, Russia

December 2016 – Extraordinary Executive Committee Meeting

July 2016 – Executive Committee Meeting, Taskhent, Uzbekistan

July 2015 – Executive Committee Meeting, Doha, Qatar

July 2014 – Executive Committee Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey

8 – 15 November 2013 – Executive Committee Meeting, Jeju, Korea

July 2012 – Executive Committee Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand

28 – 30 January  2010Executive Committee Meeting, Xiamen, China

 16 – 18 February 2009 – Executive Committee Meeting, Milan, Italy

17 November 2008 – Extraordinary Executive Committee Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland

August 2008 – Executive Committee Meeting, Beijing, China

February 2008 – Executive Committee Meeting, Busan, Korea

October 2007 – Extraordinary Executive Committee Meeting, Chicago, USA

14 – 15 June 2007 – Executive Committee Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland

8 – 9 February 2007 – Executive Committee Meeting in Taipei, Taiwan