AIBA Congress

2020 AIBA CONGRESS – DECEMBER 12 -13 – VIRTUAL EVENT (More information)


The Congress has the power and, when required by this Constitution, the duty to:

  • (a) determine whether or not a Provisional Member of AIBA shall be admitted as a National Federation;
  • (b) determine whether or not to revoke or extend the suspension of a suspended National Federation, or to terminate that National Federation’s membership of AIBA;
  • (c) elect the President and Directors of the Board and to conduct such elections as it is required to conduct in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution;
  • (d) on a motion of no confidence adopted by the Voting Delegates from not less than two-thirds of all National Federations in attendance at a meeting of the Congress, remove the President or any other elected Director from office as a member of the Board;
  • (e) determine whether or not to approve the persons proposed by the Board for appointment as members of the Ethics Committee and the Disciplinary Committee; also if required, the power to dismiss members of the Ethics Committee and Disciplinary Committee;
  • (f) determine whether or not to approve the minutes of the previous meeting of the Congress;
  • (g) determine whether or not to approve AIBA’s audited financial report;
  • (h) determine whether or not the Board has discharged its financial obligations;
  • (i) determine the amount of the Annual Affiliation Fee to be paid by National Federations;
  • (j) approve or not approve other reports submitted to it by the Board;
  • (k) determine whether or not to move the location of the AIBA Head Office;
  • (l) confer Distinguished Service Awards;
  • (m) define the geographic area over which a Confederation shall extend for the purpose of the membership of that Confederation;
  • (n) amend or replace this Constitution; and
  • (o) dissolve AIBA.


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