AIBA Congress

LAST AIBA CONGRESS – NOVEMBER 2 -3, 2018 MOSCOW, RUSSIA (More information)


The AIBA Congress is an assembly to which all National Federations members are convened every two years. The Ordinary Congress with elections shall be held every four years.

The AIBA Congress is the supreme legislative body of AIBA and has the following powers:

  • votes to adopt and amend these Statutes;
  • elects the President, each Vice President and EC Members every four years, and may, in an Ordinary or Extraordinary Congress, convened in accordance with these Statutes, remove any such person from office by a two-thirds vote of no-confidence;
  • appoints, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, a person as an Honorary President, Honorary Vice President or Honorary Member of AIBA;
  • approves the minutes of the preceding Congress;
  • approves the consolidated and audited financial report;
  • decides the level of the Annual Affiliation Fee;
  • ratifies the admission or exclusion of National Federations following the decision of the Executive Committee;
  • disbands or dissolves AIBA.


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