International boxing events

AIBA Continental Championships

AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships

The AIBA Youth World Championships held every two years, began in 1979 in Yokohama, Japan. Formerly called the AIBA World Cadet Championships, the AIBA Youth World Championships is the most prestigious event for young boxers of 17- and 18 years-old. Welcoming international athletes in 11 weight categories, the AIBA Youth World Championships allow boxers to compete against...

AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships

The AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships is one of the fastest growing competitions in international boxing. Women’s boxing has taken the World by storm ever since the first AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in 2001 in Scranton, United States of America.

Olympic Games

Continental Olympic Qualification Events

  AFRICAN OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION EVENT Date: March 11 – 19 Place: Yaounde, Cameroon        AMERICAN OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION EVENT Date: March 11 – 19 Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina          ASIAN/OCEANIAN OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION EVENT Date: March 25 – April 2 Place: Qian’an, China        EUROPEAN OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION EVENT Date: April 9 – 17 Place: Samsun, Turkey    ...

AIBA Women’s Youth/Junior World Boxing Championships

AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships