AIBA Coach Certification Courses
Investment in Coaches is a key priority for AIBA as it continuously seeks to deliver top-quality boxers on the world stage.

The AIBA pathway creates a clear system for developing coaches from national level right up to AIBA 3-Star certification, ensuring the highest quality and global standards are met in coaching. A dedicated team of AIBA Coaches Instructors can be deployed anywhere in the world to deliver AIBA Coaches Certification Courses.

Organizing a course
If your National Federation is interested in organising a course, please first review the course guidelines below.

All AIBA 1-Star Host Application Forms should be sent to

All AIBA 2-Star Host Application Forms should be sent to your Confederation office.

Please note that AIBA Coaches Commission is currently reviewing the Coaches’ Development programme and, therefore, suggests to organise AIBA 2-Star courses from the end of 2017. AIBA 3-Star courses are not planned to take place in 2017 and will re-start in 2018 with an updated programme.

AIBA 1-Star Coach Certification Courses – Guidelines (April 2017) // Host Application form
AIBA 2-Star Coach Certification Courses – Guidelines_(April_2017) // Host Application form

Registering for a course
If you are a coach and would like to participate in an AIBA Coach Certification Course, please first review the appropriate course guidelines to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. If you meet all of the requirements, please contact your National Federation to include you in the Participant List for one of the appropriate and upcoming AIBA Coach Certification Courses.

Applying for Olympic Solidarity Funding
At the moment, Olympic Solidarity offers three types of programmes for coaches:

  • Development of the National Sport Structure: 6-month programme for developing boxing, including coaches.
  • Technical Courses for Coaches: Olympic Solidarity sponsorship of an AIBA Coach Certification Course.
  • Olympic Scholarships for Coaches: Scholarships for coaches to attend educational programmes.

If your National Federation would like to apply for one of these Olympic Solidarity coach programmes, please review the guidelines below and contact your NOC. More information is also available on the Olympic Solidarity website:

Olympic Solidarity DNSS
Olympic Solidarity Olympic Scholarships for Coaches
Olympic Solidarity Technical Courses for Coaches


Confed, City, CountryAIBA Star LevelCourse LanguageCourse DatesRegistrationStatus
EUBC, Israel,
1ENG/RUSJanuary 8-14ClosedConfirmed
EUBC, Israel,
2ENG/RUSJanuary 8-14ClosedConfirmed
AFBC, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa
1ENGJanuary 10-16ClosedConfirmed
AFBC, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa
2ENGJanuary 17-23ClosedConfirmed
ASBC, Iraq,
1ARBJanuary 15-21ClosedConfirmed
EUBC, Malta,
St. Julians
1ENGFebruary 15-21ClosedConfirmed
AFBC, Comoros1FRAPostponedClosedConfirmed
AFBC, Tunisia,
1ARBFebruary 12-18 Closed Confirmed
ASBC, Dushanbe, Tajikistan1RUSPostponed ClosedConfirmed
EUBC, Ireland,
1ENGFebruary 16-22 ClosedConfirmed
AMBC, Bolivia,
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
1ESPFebruary 19-25 ClosedConfirmed
AFBC, Tunisia,
(More information)
2ENG/FRAPostponed ClosedConfirmed
ASBC, Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar1ENGTBC OpenTBC
AFBC, Namibia, Windhoek1ENGPostponed OpenConfirmed
EUBC, Italia,
1ENGMarch 13-19 OpenConfirmed
EUBC, Italia,
2ENG/RUSMarch 13-19 ClosedConfirmed

*In Progress* means that AIBA fully intends to organise this course and is waiting for the final details.

Coaches Manual
This is the 2010 Coaches Manual.  AIBA is currently working in a new version that will be released by the end of 2017.

AIBA Coach Certification Courses Photos