AIBA Medical Commission at the last meeting in Mianyang discussed the medical evaluation of the referees and the criteria of their physical fitness and made the following recommendations approved by the R/J Commission:


The annual medical exam is done at local level by the Doctors of the National Federations. The details are referred to the AIBA Medical Handbook. The result of the medical exam is documented in the International Record Book of Referees.


Medical check-up prior to a major AIBA tournament or at the Olympic Games

The medical check-up will be done by the members of the AIBA Medical Jury.

Components of the medical check-up
• Physical examination (detailed in the AIBA Medical Handbook).
• Past medical history (in future prior to a major AIBA tournament the referees should fill in a medical questionnaire).
• The knee bending test (KBT) will be used for the determination of the physical fitness of the referees. The KBT is 30 deep knee bends within 45 seconds. The score is calculated from resting pulse, the after exercise pulse, and the pulse 1 minute after exercise (detailed in the AIBA Medical Handbook).
• Anthropometry (body weight, height). Body mass index (BMI) is calculated:
weight (kg) / height square (m) e.g. weight 80 kg, height 1.80 m, 80/3.2=25 kg/m2


• If the referee met those medical conditions which render him unfit.
• If the score of the KBT is over 15.0.
• If the referee’s BMI is over 35.0 kg/m2.
• If the referee has a BMI between 30.0 and 34.4 but the score of the KBT is over 10.0.