In a week of firsts, the first AIBA Women’s Junior and Youth World Boxing Championships, which are being held in Antalya, Turkey also saw the first use in competition of the new AIBA scoring system.

The new system removes the one-second window within which at least three of the five judges previously had to register a scoring blow for it to count. Instead, the individual scores of each judge are recorded and the average of the three closest scores is taken as the score at the end of each round.

The feedback received from the judges has been positive, although it is acknowledged that positive although some more time will be needed in order for judges to familiarize themselves with the system.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the tournament in the presence of the mayor of Antalya, Mustafa Akaydin, the governor of Antalya and the minister of defence Vecdi Gonül over the weekend, AIBA President Dr C. K. Wu commended the Turkish Boxing Federation, under the guidence of its President, Mr Eyüp Gozgec, on the organization of the event, which is seen as preparation for the European Confederation Championships which will be held in Ankara next June.

In particular Dr Wu praised the tournament venue, the 2500 capacity Kepez Arena, which is resplendent with two brand-new boxing rings purchased from Korea. “This is one of the most beautiful and well-decorated arenas I have seen since I became President of AIBA,” he said.

A total of 41 coutries are partecipating in the combined junior and youth event, with 112 junior boxers and 145 youth boxers competing for the medals. The tournament continues until May 1.