The seven members of the AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) Boxers’ Selection and Ranking Committee gathered on February 24, 2014 at the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland) to finalize the selection and ranking of the very first 80 boxers of the APB Competition program.

Over two days of work, Mr. Osvaldo Bisbal (Chairman, Argentina), Mr. Abdellah Bessalem (Algeria), Mr. Franco Falcinelli (Italy), Mr. Serik Konakbayev (Kazakhstan), Adam Kusior (Poland), Mr. Helmut Ranze (Germany) and Mr. Tom Virgets (USA) will review a shortlist of 120 boxers from around 40 nationalities.

The Top 80 will then be selected and ranked in each of the ten weight categories (eight boxers per category) based on their past performances and potential.

Then, the APB Program will officially start in June following two phases:

– Pre-Ranking Competition (June-July): Based on the first rankings established by the APB Boxers’ Selection and Ranking Committee, Boxers will compete at least twice (over six round of three minutes) and thus re-establish the World Rankings of each of the ten weight categories;

– Matches for Champions (August-December): Based on the rankings established by the Pre-Ranking Competition, Boxers will compete at least twice (over eight rounds of three minutes) with the best match for the very first APB World Champion Titles (10 rounds).