International Boxing Association (AIBA) together with American Boxing Confederation (AMBC) have confirmed today the names of boxers, who have qualified to Toronto 2015 Pan American Games following the Qualification event, which took place in Tijuana, Mexico on 4-9 June 2015.

“I would like to congratulate all the boxers on reaching the Pan American Games, especially our women boxing stars Marlen Esparza and Claresa Maria Shields from the US who – I know – have worked really hard to qualify. Marlen and Claresa are true Ambassadors for women boxing in the world, they also demonstrate world class boxing skills and I cannot wait to see them compete in Toronto. I would also like to wish all our athletes the best of luck for the upcoming competition”, said AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu.

Toronto 2015 PanAm Games will take place on 10-26 July 2015 and will involve over 7,000 athletes from Latin America, South America, the Caribbean and North America. Boxing will be one of the 36 sports represented at the Games.

American Boxing Confederation (AMBC) President Osvaldo Bisbal said: “I am very excited about the upcoming PanAm Games in Toronto and the fact that boxing will be so well represented by some of our strongest men and women boxers. I am looking forward to witnessing pure boxing action in the spirit of fairplay, sportsmanship and respect”.

23 nations have secured at least one quota place for the upcoming Pan American Games in Toronto following the qualification event in Tijuana.

Dominican Republic: 9 quotas

Brazil, Colombia: 8 quotas

Argentina: 7 quotas

Guatemala, Mexico, United States of America, Venezuela: 5 quotas

Canada, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico: 4 quotas

Bahamas: 3 quotas

Chile, AIBA Team (Ecuador), AIBA Team (Peru): 2 quotas

Barbados, Bolivia, Dominica, El Salvador, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Virgin Islands: 1 quota place


See below the list of qualified boxers:
Weight (n° of quota places for Toronto 2015 Panamerican Games)

46-49Kg (7 places):
Kevin Adonis Arias (NIC)
Yuberjen Herney Martinez (COL)
Victor Daniel Santillan (DOM)
Jason Alen Melik Elliston (USA)
P.G. Tondo (CAN)
Junior Zarate (ARG)
Alvaro Vargas (GUA)

52Kg (7 places):
Antonio Bruno Vargas (USA)
Ceiber David Avila (COL)
Juliao de Miranda (BRA)
Leonel de los Santos (DOM)
Eduard Johan Bermudez (VEN)
David Alejandro Jimenez (CRC)
Eddie Valenzuela (GUA)

56Kg (6 places):
Hector Luis Garcia (DOM)
Carlos Andre dos Santos (BRA)
Jorvi Edgar Ferroñan (AIBAP)
Juan Reyes (GUA)
Segundo Padilla (AIBAE)
Franco José Gutierrez (NCA)

60Kg (7 places):
Luis Angel Cabrera (VEN)
Fadir Hernandez (COL)
Jose Javier Rosario (PUR)
Ronan Nahuel Sanchez (ARG)
Kevin Alfonso Luna (GUA)
Elvis Severino Rodriguez (DOM)
Merin Jesus Zalazar (HON)

64Kg (6 places):
Joedison de Jesus (BRA)
Luis Angel Feliciano (USA)
Rashield Abena Williams (BAH)
Eduardo Sanchez (CRC)
Lucas Iván Gimenez (ARG)
Carlos Daniel Tobar (GUA)

69Kg (6 places):
Roberto Custodio (BRA)
Marvin Cabrera (MEX)
Juan Ramón Solano (DOM)
Carl Leviticus Hield (BAH)
Lester Junior Silva (NCA)
Alberto Ignacio Palmetta (ARG)

75Kg (6 places):
Jorge Luis Vivas (COL)
Jason Fabian Ramirez (CRC)
Raul Sanchez (DOM)
Joseph Alexander Cherkashyn (CHI)
Magdiel Omar Cotto (PUR)
Endry Jose Saavedra (VEN)

81Kg (7 places):
Carlos Andrés Mina (AIBAE)
Juan Carlos Carrillo (COL)
Rogelio Romero (MEX)
Michel de Souza (BRA)
Adrian Michael Biscette (BAR)
José Moya (CRC)
Marcos Rubén Escudero (ARG)

91Kg (4 places):
Deivis Julio (COL)
Juan Gonçalez (BRA)
Joaquín Berroa Lugo (DOM)
Miguel Angel Veliz (CHI)

91+Kg (5 places):
Rafael Duarte (BRA)
Laurent Jr. Clayton (ISV)
Alberto Edgar Ramirez (MEX)
Kieshno Marlon Major (BAH)
Simon Kean (CAN)

W48-51Kg (8 places):
Marlen Esparza (USA)
Mandy Marie Bujold (CAN)
Claudia de los Angeles Perrales (NCA)
Tayonis Anaonis Cedeño (VEN)
Ingrit Lorena Valencia (COL)
Sulem Urbina (MEX)
Nadia Joeunifer Barriga (BOL)
Monica Gonzalez (PUR)

W60Kg (8 places):
Caroline Veyre (CAN)
Kiria Tapia (PUR)
Dayana Erika Sanchez (ARG)
Victoria Torres (MEX)
Stefani Lopez (AIBAP)
Valerian Kezial Spicer (DMA)
Karla Patricia Herrera (ESA)
Mirkin Sena (DOM)

W75Kg (7 places):
Claresa Maria Shields (USA)
Yenebier Adelina Guillen (DOM)
Lucia Noelia Perez (ARG)
Chimere Crystal Taylor (TRI)
Flavia Tereza Figueiredo (BRA)
Jessica Paola Caicedo (COL)
Francelis Dilmar Carmona (VEN)