AIBA President

AIBA President Mandate

Mr Umar Kremlev


As of
12 December 2020
until the next
Election Congress
in 2022
at the latest


The President has the power and, where so required by this Constitution, the duty to:

(a) convene meetings of the Board;

(b) chair meetings of the Congress and of the Board;

(c) deliver reports to the Congress relating to AIBA’s activities and affairs;

(d) oversee the work of the Secretary General;

(e) represent AIBA in its dealings with the Confederations, National Federations, the IOC, national governments, international sports federations and other national and international organizations;

(f) otherwise, act as AIBA’s primary spokesperson; and

(g) perform such other duties and tasks as he or she may be entrusted with from time to time by the Board.