AIBA Integrity

Fair sport and clean athletes in boxing are two top priorities for AIBA. As violations of the AIBA Code of Ethics, WADA Code, and AIBA Disciplinary Code, have become areas of great concern in recent years, AIBA strives to fight all forms of cheating that threatens both the integrity and the essence of sport.

Following IOC’s efforts, AIBA also structures its integrity matters according to the following three pillars: Regulations and Legislation, Awareness Raising and Capacity Building, Intelligence and Investigations.


Regulations and Legislation


Awareness Raising and Capacity Building

In line with AIBA development strategy, integrity seminars addressing the manipulation of competition, general conduct and Anti-Doping will be conducted in conjunctions with AIBA competitions.


Monitoring, Intelligence and Investigation


AIBA Legal and Integrity Department Responsibilities

  1. Upon receipt of the complete file from the panel Chair, AIBA Legal will archive the file and retain scanned copies of all documents. Emails or correspondence between panel members regarding the decision shall not be provided to the AIBA Legal Department or retained as part of the file.
  2. AIBA Legal shall be responsible for the enforcement of the decision including collection of fines, costs and appropriate notification of suspensions to relevant organizations.
  3. AIBA Legal shall cause a summary of the case and decision that is prepared by the particular panel to be posted on AIBA’s web site and distributed to affected Commission Chairs and National Federations and any other AIBA members designated by the panel or DC Chair.
  4. AIBA Legal shall be responsible for maintaining the archives of the decisions of the DC.


Disciplinary Actions