AIBA Integrity Hotline

To effectively protect the athletes and ensure fair competition, AIBA has put in place a process for reporting, monitoring and investigating any occurrences of misconduct under the jurisdiction of AIBA code of ethics, including but not limited to manipulation of AIBA competitions, incidents of harassment and/or abuse, and violation of AIBA Anti-Doping rules.

These process serves to protect AIBA Competitions including the events owned by the continental confederations but are also made available for AIBA sanctioned boxing tournaments, such as Asian Games, Common wealth Games, Chemistry Cup, etc.


This Hotline can be used to report:

  • suspicious approaches or activities related to competition manipulation
  • involvement of gambling activities
  • incidents of harassment and/or abuse
  • any other infringements of the AIBA Code of Ethics or other matters, including financial misconduct or further legal, regulatory and ethical breaches over which AIBA has jurisdiction.

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Confidentiality is guaranteed.