AIBA Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is composed by 28 members (24 directly elected by the AIBA Congress and 4 appointed by the elected members of the EC) and has the power and duty to govern AIBA in accordance with the AIBA Statutes as well as implement decisions passed by the AIBA Congress. The EC shall meet at least once a year convened by the AIBA President or after a meeting request from at least a third part of the EC members.

The EC has in particular the power and duty to:

  • govern AIBA in accordance with these Statutes;
  • implement the decisions passed by the Congress;
  • ensure compliance with these Statutes and with AIBA Rules and Regulations;
  • prepare possible amendments to the Statutes to be submitted to the Congress for adoption;
  • develop specific regulations for the Commissions;
  • create, adopt, vary or amend AIBA Rules and Regulations, in all cases subject to compliance with these Statutes but otherwise at the discretion of the Executive Committee;
  • establish new permanent Commissions;
  • convene the Congress and formulate the agenda;
  • decide the place and dates of all AIBA Competitions (competition and event calendar);
  • approve expenditures which were not foreseen in the budget and which exceed the amount given at the discretion of the Executive Director;
  • approve the annual budget, the annual accounts complemented by the external audit report;
  • exclude a National Federation from membership in accordance with article 18.2 subject to ratification by the Congress;
  • suspend an EC Member or any other person, including any member of a Commission, any Official, any Competition Official or any Boxer until a decision is issued by the Disciplinary Commission;
  • cancel provisionally the membership of any National Federation until ratification by the Congress;
  • ratify the appointment and dismissal of the members of the EC Bureau;
  • ratify the appointment and dismissal of the Chairperson and other members of each of the Commissions;
  • appoint EC Members in accordance with article 34.1(B) of these Statutes;
  • ratify the appointment and dismissal of the Executive Director of AIBA;
  • make decisions relating to major AIBA competitions if necessary due to cancellations, postponements, relocations, etc.;
  • ratify the appointment and dismissal of members of both the Disciplinary and Ethics Commissions including the Chairperson;
  • ratify the appointment and dismissal of both the Treasurer and Legal Counsel;
  • appoint and dismiss the External Auditor Company;
  • ratify the appointment and dismissal of the Executive Vice President; and
  • with a two-thirds vote of no confidence, motion for the removal of the President by the Congress pursuant to article 23(B). The power of the President shall be provisionally suspended until the next Ordinary or Extraordinary Congress.