AIBA Commissions


AIBA Commissions, except for Disciplinary Commission and Ethics Commission, are advisory bodies which propose recommendations to the Executive Committee.

AIBA Commission Members shall be appointed by the President based on his/her expertise and experience, provided it is ratified by the Executive Committee. The chair of each commission shall be an expert in the related field.

All Commissions are advisory by nature. Recommendations made by a Commission shall be implemented only if they have been approved by the President or Executive Committee or EC Bureau. All approved recommendations are implemented by the AIBA Headquarters with the assistance of the relevant Commission.

Each Commission is responsible for recording the minutes of their meetings and transmitting the activity reports and meeting minutes to AIBA Headquarters for references in implementing the recommendations.

Attendance by all commission members at all Commissions Meetings shall be mandatory, no substitution shall be permitted.

All appointed commission members shall declare any potential, actual or perceived conflicts of interest before the first commission meeting takes place, and are subject to AIBA Statutes, Bylaws, AIBA Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Code, Conduct Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy.

The Commissions shall only have the duties of recommending programs and plans to the Executive Committee and participating in the implementation of those programs under the supervision of AIBA Headquarters as specified by the Executive Committee from time to time.

For the avoidance of doubt, Disciplinary Commission and Ethics Commission are legal bodies of AIBA according to AIBA Statutes Article 21.