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Executive Committee

Executive Committee – Elected   AIBA Executive Committee – Appointed   AIBA Executive Committee Meetings July 2016 – Executive Committe Meeting, Taskhent, Uzbekistan July 2015 – Executive Committe Meeting, Doha, Qatar July 2014 – Executive Committe Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey 8 – 15 November 2013 – Executive Committe Meeting, Jeju, Korea July 2012 – Executive Committe Meeting,...



AIBA Commissions

  2016 AIBA Commission meetings will take place on February 23rd and 24th in Manchester, England. News New era for AIBA Commissions gets warm welcome from boxing community in Manchester Distinguished guests at the AIBA 2016 commissions dinner including the Lord Mayor of Manchester and Anthony Joshua 2016 AIBA commissions are underway in Manchester Commissions...

AIBA Boxing History

The first proof of pugilism was found in Egypt and dates back to year 3,000 BC. The fighters were naked and the event was part of the King’s festivities. For years and years, boxing continuously evolved and was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 BC at the 23rd Olympiad in Olympia. Onomastos of...

AIBA Technical and Competition Rules

AIBA Technical Rules (English version) AIBA Open Boxing (AOB) Competition Rules (English version) Appendix C // Hand-wrapping video World Series of Boxing (WSB) Competition Rules (English version) AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) Competition Rules (English version)

Official AIBA Documents

AIBA Statutes (English version) AIBA Bylaws (English version) AIBA Code of Ethics – English version – French version – Spanish version AIBA Disciplinary Code (English version) Organization and Procedural Rules of the Judical Authorities of AIBA (English version) Anti-Doping – AIBA Anti-Doping Rules AIBA Event Operation Manual (Book // Appendix) AIBA Medical Handbook    


The International Boxing Association (AIBA), a non-profit international organization with 196 National Member Federations, is the world governing body for boxing from grass roots level to professional competitions. AIBA is the only boxing association recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which works for the benefit of its sport and its stakeholders through innovative programmes and...