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Executive Committee – Elected   AIBA Executive Committee – Appointed   AIBA Executive Committee Meetings July 2014 - Executive Committe Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey 8 – 15 November 2013 – Executive Committe Meeting, Jeju, Korea July 2012 - Executive Committe Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand 28 – 30 January  2010 – Executive Committee Meeting, Xiamen, China  16 –...



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AIBA Boxing History

The first proof of pugilism was found in Egypt and dates back to year 3,000 BC. The fighters were naked and the event was part of the King’s festivities. For years and years, boxing continuously evolved and was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 BC at the 23rd Olympiad in Olympia. Onomastos of...

AIBA Technical and Competition Rules

AIBA Technical Rules (English version) AIBA Open Boxing (AOB) Competition Rules (English version) World Series of Boxing (WSB) Competition Rules (English version) AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) Competition Rules (English version)

Official AIBA Documents

AIBA Statutes (English version) AIBA Bylaws (English version) AIBA Code of Ethics – English version – French version – Spanish version AIBA Disciplinary Code (English version) Organization and Procedural Rules of the Judical Authorities of AIBA (English version)    


We are a small organization with a huge impact on the world of boxing. Our goal is to help boxing realise its potential within the Olympic Movement and the international sporting arena. And we are looking for people who can help us make that happen. Are you up to the challenge? We are always looking...