Coaches from Trinidad & Tobago Trained in AIBA New Rules


Photo provided by instructors

A group of thirty coaches from Trinidad & Tobago received their AIBA 1-Star Coach Certification Course, in Port of Spain, April 11-18.

Instructors Christy Halbert and Tom Coulter, both from the United States, and who were certified as 3-star instructors at the AIBA Instructors' Course in January 2013 in Assisi, imparted the course. The class had six women and 24 men coaches.

This is the first AIBA 1-Star Coach Cert Course in the Americas since AIBA launched their new certification program.

Coaches have studied and discussed subjects including Competition Rules for AIBA Open Boxing (AOB), World Series Boxing (WSB) and AIBA Pro Boxing (APB). Other subjects in the course were coaching responsibilities, sport psychology, nutrition, physical preparation, training principles, training methods, boxing techniques, and competition preparation.

One of the women coaches was former four times World Professional Champion Ria Ramnarine who has been helping in the develop of her isle amateur boxing.

"I have gained so much insight into the dynamics of all the aspects of coaching and I can hardly wait to begin implementing my new knowledge. Many thanks to our instructors and to AIBA for selecting such a great team to facilitate the course", said Ramnarine, who is the first female professional world champion in her country.

Instructor Halbert, from the United States, best known as President of the Women's Commission at the American Boxing Confederation and Secretary of the same commission at AIBA felt that the T&T coaches were really engaged in their course and pleased that the Federation encouraged women to take the instruction.

"I was pleased that the Federation encouraged participation by both women and men coaches. Everyone in the course participated enthusiastically. They asked questions, made comments and gave presentations that show they desire excellence and care about their boxers' well-being", said Halbert who has been in various occasions AIBA coach for its roads programs.

Simeon Connell, another T&T coach who received the course said that the information was very articulate, up-to-date and made sense in regards to the components of fitness and boxing.

"The instructors were technical, but took into consideration everyone's varying backgrounds academically", said Connell.

Thomas Coulter, AIBA Coach Instructor was very pleased with the interest of the coaches in receiving the instruction.

"This was an unusual experience that we had such interest, cooperation and attendance. Everyone wanted to have a lot of information, and I hope they were happy with the result", said Coulter.

Raynold Cox, Vice President of Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Boxing Federation said that it was something very important for our coaches, and for the development of boxing within the region.

"Good boxers deserve good coaches and management. And we are happy that AIBA can facilitate this, and send professional instructors to lead the course. The relationship that we will have made with them will be very valuable for us and the future of our boxers", said Cox.

Other courses will be taught during 2013 in the Americas as part of the training in the amended AIBA rules.

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