"A better boxer, but also a better person"


(Photo: AIBA)

AIBA's "Road to Dream" programs are not only about developing boxers skills. As Bannis Lenon Yankee realises, it goes way beyond and is more about human beings than only boxers.

After a few days of training in Lankaran, Azerbaijan, some participants to the "Road to Baku" camp give their first impression.

Bole Gueye
Coach from Senegal
On behalf of my country, I want to thank AIBA for the invitation and the excellent conditions in which we have been put on. Seeing the diversity of backgrounds involved in this training camp, the experience will bring us a lot of experience. Everything is just perfect!

Graham Barrington
Coach from Jamaica
The training is very intensive and has all ingredients for the development of boxers skills. It's an excellent training arrangement.

Bannis Lenon Yankee
Dominican boxer
This training camp is very interesting, especially because it requires from to push my limits and give my very best. The level is high and I know it will benefit a lot to me. I know that after this camp, I will be a better boxer but also a better person.

Christopher Rowain Phillip
Dominican boxer
This camp is a lot more intense than I expected. The training is on both levels of boxing: physics but also mental. I am sure this will help me a lot getting ready for the World Championships.

Job Joseph
Coach from Dominica
I took part in the "Road to Milan" training camp from two years ago. I just cannot stop smiling thinking about it... This camp goes way beyond what I was expecting, both physically and mentally. If I could rate the camps, I would give a 7/10 to the Milan one and a 9/10 to that one. The training conditions are excellent and Coach Mars is doing a very good job. No one could have done a better job than him. Everyone enjoys his way of training and is comfortable with him. I am sure all boxers taking part in this camp will become better boxers afterwards.

Mars Kuchkarov
Head instructor (Uzbekistan)
I believe that AIBA is doing the right thing with this training camp. I have seen a lot of talents all around the world and they can now develop their skills to become great boxers. Two weeks is just too short, I would love to work on such a project for four or six weeks. I am very proud of having been chosen to be the head instructor on this camp.

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