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Completely dedicated to boxing! 

Switzerland has been home to the International Boxing Association (AIBA) since 2002. After several years in London (1946-1974), Moscow (1974-1978), Creskill (1978-1987), Berlin, and Atlanta, the AIBA Headquarters moved to Lausanne (Switzerland) where the International Olympic Committee has its own headquarters. Lausanne is the first city to host permanently an AIBA headquarters not linked with the home country of the AIBA Secretary General.

After a few years at Avenue de la Gare in Lausanne, AIBA moved in August to the new home dedicated to sport: the House of International Sport (MSI) next to the Lake of Geneva in Lausanne. This new location is more adapted to AIBA's needs. Ideally located between the IOC and the Olympic Museum, the AIBA headquarters is not far from the main motorway and the Lausanne city centre. The Geneva International Airport is also only 30 minutes away. AIBA is also taking advantage of the transfer of knowledge between itself and the other federations which have joined the MSI.


Transparency and efficiency are the two key ingredients in the workings of the Finance Department for 2007 and beyond. Its main mission is to ensure accounting is done according to AIBA Financial Regulations and Swiss accounting rules whilst meeting the highest quality standard.

Member Relations & Development

 The AIBA Member Relations and Development Department provides assistance to 195 national federations in their activities and development programs. The ultimate aim is to create a close collaboration with national federations in order to have unity behind AIBA’s drive towards the development of boxing around the world.

PR and Communications

 The PR and Communications Department has the exciting task of delivering on the new image and objectives of AIBA through a number of means from brand management through to the promotion of regular dialogue and interaction with the media, AIBA members, stakeholders and partners. The new AIBA vision encapsulates a transparent and open policy for the best of boxing, and these key principles will be the pillars of the working policy in the PR and Communications Department.

IT, Logistics & Anti Doping

With Anti Doping playing an increasingly important role in the general organization of all sporting federations, AIBA has set, as a priority, the improvement boxing’s Anti Doping process through modernization of its tools and applications. This also falls into the domain of IT and Logistics where the objective is to create a solid platform of efficient and innovative technology to assist in the realization of the ultimate aim - the improvement of the sport of boxing worldwide. 


The Games Department manages all matters related to tournaments, including technical and refereeing aspects. With the countdown to the Olympics already in full swing the Games Department plays a crucial role in the coordination of all the qualifying events on top of AIBA’s most prestigious event, the World Championships.


Without revenue there is no growth so the Marketing Department has a crucial role to play in the development of our sport. In collaboration with the PR and Communications Department, marketing will enhance the brand value of boxing and AIBA through the creation of revolutionary properties. 

Contacting AIBA Headquarters

All AIBA departments are located in one operational building. You may address your correspondence to the adequate department:

AIBA - International Boxing Association
Maison du Sport International
Avenue de Rhodanie 54
1007 Lausanne

Phone: +41 21 321 27 77
Fax: +41 21 321 27 72