AIBA World Junior Boxing Championships

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The AIBA World Junior Championships, held every two years, goes back to 2001 with its debut in Baku, Azerbaijan. Formerly called the AIBA Cadet World Championships, the AIBA World Junior Championships is ‘the’ event for boxers aged 15 and 16.

The AIBA World Junior Championships welcomes international boxers in 13 weight categories to compete against the best in their division. It is an occasion to celebrate boxing’s youngest practitioners on the international stage. A new competition name for this age group is structured to revitalise boxing at this level and to illustrate the ongoing enhancement that AIBA is achieving across all of its properties.
Boxing at this level is traditionally a first opportunity to witness future world champions and Olympic heroes. With the participation numbers growing each year, in syncronisation with the level of skill shown in the ring, the AIBA World Junior Championships is a premier event on the AIBA events calendar.