World Series of Boxing - AIBA Property

In September 2010 the World Series of Boxing (WSB) will signal a new beginning in the global boxing world - a fresh new concept from AIBA with a city based franchised league of professional boxing, established on a global basis. 

• Three continental conferences
• Four franchises in each conference
• 12 franchisees
• Each match between teams will consist of five bouts (one per weight class), of five rounds, of three minutes each
• 75 matches in each season

The WSB will consist of five weight categories:

• Bantamweight
• Lightweight
• Middleweight
• Light Heavyweight
• Heavyweight

The WSB will be annually held and allow aspiring boxers to compete professionally without having to sacrifice their dreams of competing on behalf of their countries at the Olympic Games. AIBA will provide a bridge between Olympic boxing and Professional boxing, with the WSB being the only professional series in which boxers will retain their Olympic eligibility.

The boxers will compete within teams across three global regions: Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Each bout will be made up of five rounds of three minutes per bout, with not vests or headgear. In addition, boxers will be provided with reliable income and a guaranteed schedule of bouts. This will allow the boxers to grow in technique and style.

Pic: AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu and Head of IMG Europe Eric Drossart at the Signing Ceremony of the World Series of Boxing in August, 2008.

The WSB will crown both individual boxers and city-based teams as World Champions. The Individual championships will consist of the top two boxers in each weight category competing for the title of World Series of Boxing Champion.   


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