Doping controls

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Safety first !

Doping controls: any time and anywhere!

Two types of doping controls recognised

According to AIBA policy and International Standards, athletes who compete at the international and/or national level may be subject to testing any time and anywhere! A test can be organised and conducted at a competition or away from the stadium, such as at a boxer's home or training venue, with or without notice.

The International Boxing Association recognises two types of doping controls:

  • In-Competition testing,
  • Out-of-Competition testing.

The differentiation between the two types of tests is very important and must be known.

In-Competition vs. Out-of-Competition testing

How to differentiate them?

If the procedure of control is globally the same for both types of testing, the differentiation is very important.

In-Competition Testing is a test where a boxer is selected for testing in connection with a specific competition such as world championships, national tournament, Olympic Games, ... The recognised period for In-Competition Testing begins at midnight the day of the initial draw until midnight the day following the end of the competition for the boxer.

Out-of-Competition Testing - commonly abbreviated OOC - is any doping control which is - logically - not organised during the recognised period of In-Competition Testing. Out-of-Competition Testing can happen anytime and anywhere. It can happen that a boxer is tested by his/her national federation today and tomorrow the International Boxing Association turns up for another test.


Understanding both testings: practical view

AIBA Championship

Date of arrival of teams: 10 July@13:25

Date of draw: 12 July@07:00

Date of the finals: 17 July@20:00

Practical case I:

A boxer competing until the finals may be tested for In-Competition tests only from 12 July midnight (midnight before the draw) until 17 July midnight after the finals. All tests conducted outside this period will be considered as Out-of-Competition.

Practical case II:

A boxer competing and losing during the qualifications on 14 July will be considered as In-Competition from 12 July (midnight before the draw) until 14 July inclusive (midnight after the final bout). Outside this period, anti-doping tests will be considered as Out-of-Competition, even if the control occurs in the competition venue. The competition continues but the boxer is not anymore in competition.